Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Batanes 4D3N Tour Itinerary by Bisumi Travel


- Airport Transfers
- Land Transportation (for Tours & Transfers)
- 3Days Tour in
    Batan North
    South Batan and 
    Sabtang Island
 - Tour Guide Services
 - All Lunch during Tours
 - Registration fees and Permits
 - Round-Trip "Faluwa" Boat Rides to Sabtang Island with BISUMI Lifevest
 - Refreshments (bottled water)
 - BISUMI Souvenir Token
 - Tax Inclusive
*Dinner is NOT included.
4D3N Tour Itinerary

Day 1: North Batan tour 
8:30-9:30: Expected time of arrival of the guests (Pal Express/Skyjet)
11:45: Pick up time from the lodge/hotel
1:30:Start of the tour.

1. Vayang Rolling Hills
2. Basco Lighthouse and Naidi Hills Complex
3. Sto. Domingo Cathedral & Casa Real (Provincial Capitol) 
4. Valugan Boulder Beach
5. Dipnaysuhuan Japanese Tunnel, Idjang Didawud & Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge
6. PAGASA weather station
7. Mt. Carmel Chapel

Day 2
Sabtang Island Tour

5:30-6:00am:Pick up time from the lodge
6:00-6:30am:Travel to Ivana port
6:30-7:00am: Boat travel to Sabtang Island
7:30am:Start of tour

Sabtang Island Tour

Visit tourism office for registration, 
- Sabtang Lighthouse
- Sinakan Stone Houses
1.Brgy.Savidug Stone Houses
- Lime Kiln and Savidug Idjang
2.Sto. Thomas de Aquinas Chapel
3.Chamantad-Tiñan Viewing Point 
4.Sabtang Weavers Association
5.Brgy. Chavayan Stone Houses
6.Sta. Rosa de Lima Chapel
7.Morong Beach
8.Ahaw Arch Formation


1:30:Boat travel back to Ivana port
2:30: Arrival at Basco town
2:30 :BISUMI Souvenir Shopping
5:00:Back to hotel

Day 3
South Batan tour

9:00am: Pick up.time from lodge/hotel 
Start of tour

- Paderes View Point
1. Chawa View Deck
2. Mahatao Shelter Port
- Mahatahataw Idjang
- Busbusan Lighthouse
3. Tayid Lighthouse 
4. San Carlos Borromeo Church
*Spanish Lighthouse and blank book archive

Racuh a Payaman (Marlboro Country)
12:00nn: Lunch at Marconines Catering

1:30pm: Continuation of tour
5. White Beach and Blue lagoon
-Chatapuyan Rock View Point
-Ivana Marine Sanctuary
-Brgy. San Vicente
-Spanish Bridge
6.House of Dakay
7.San Jose El Obrero Church
8.Church Ruins
9.Honesty Coffee Shop
10.Song Song Ruins
11.Alapad Rock Formation
12.Alapad Hill
13.LORAN (Naval Base)
14.Imnajbu Village
-San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel
6:00:Back to the hotel.

Day 4

Saturday, July 8, 2017

My Batanes Adventure Actual Expenses

For the actual breakdown of my expenses for 6d5n Batanes Trip: 

Plane ticket (2way) - 1,800.00
Rebooking Fee - 3,000.00 
Tour Package - 5,500.00 (Bisumi)
Accomodation - 2,500.00 (500 per night)
Souvenirs - 2,500.00
Registration Fee - 350.00
Food - 1st day breakfast - 150.00
 - 1st day lunch - free, included in tour 
 - 1st day dinner - 353.00 (Pension Ivatan)
 - 2nd day breakfast - 150.00
 - 2nd day lunch - free, included in tour
 - 2nd day dinner - 380.00 (Harbour Café)
 - 3rd day breakfast - 150.00
 - 3rd day lunch - free, inluded in tour
 - 3rd day dinner - no dinner 😂
 - 4th day breakfast - 100. 00 (Beehan)
 - 4th day lunch - c/0 my friend
 - 4th day dinner - 60 petot for the flying fish, we 
 cooked it at my friend's;s house.
 - 5th day breakfast and lunch 860.00 (Octagon Bed and Dine) 
 - 5th day dinner - 560.00 (Octagon Bed and Dine)
 - 6th day breakfast - 150.00 

Massage - 400.00
Tip for Kuya Guide - 300.00 ( he took photos of me during the tour)
Guide (Mt. Iraya) - 500.00 (normal guide rate is 1,000 - 1,500)
Coffee and cake at Phil's Brew - 180.00
Fares (Tric) and other expenses like pica pica food - 600.00

Total - 20,543.00

I know it's kinda expensive po but as you can see, hindi po ko nagtipid sa food. I wanna try everything the place can offer. From their survival food, famous coffee shops and even Mt. Iraya. I make sure that I'm gonna climb that godamn mountain before heading back to Manila.

I'm pretty sure that the expenses can be compressed down to 15k or less. If your aircraft is PAL, oh please maximize your 10kgs check-in baggage. You can bring canned foods and other stuff needed instead of buying in Batanes. Food and fare are really expensive there. 

It's been few weeks since my Batanes travel and until now, can's;t move on still. It may be expensive but I assure you. IT WILL BE WORTH IT and I will surely go back to visit Itbayat. 😍😊

Beautiful Batanes
Where to Eat in Batanes? 
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Monday, June 26, 2017

Where to Eat in Batanes?

I wanted to try everything the place could offer whenever I travel. From food to activities to traditions. Batanes, a "a touch of heaven on earth" not only because of it's amazing landscapes and view, but also the FOOOOD.

Here are the list of **must try restaurants to complete your Batanes adventure.

A restaurant located just across Basco Airport. One of the many famous restaurants at gives Ivatan dishes and other Filipino cuisine. Reservation is a must specially if you travel in groups. But on my part. I just walked in and wait a little while until there will be an avail seat for me.
Calling all coffee lovers out there. This is place you must not miss during your travel. Very relaxing ambiance and yes, ang sarap ng kape nila. Brewed Coffee perfectly paired with Tres Leches.  
Located at the almost end part of the national road. It offers mostly Filipino dishes with reasonable prices ranging from 200-450 per meal. You can dine inside and enjoy the unique interior designs of the restaurant or you may choose to dine outside and embrace the view of the sea and landscape of Basco. You may call them for reservations.

You can also try:

Amboy's Hometel and Restaurant
Beehan Restaurant 

Remember that restaurants in this area are open in specific time only. You may contact them for reservations and advance orders.

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Breathtaking Batanes

Where to stay in Batanes:

 I stayed here during my Batanes escapade. A place where I feel so home-y and comfortable. Very accommodating staff. Clean room and the perfect view of Mt. Iraya right outside the window of my room is a plus. Bundok lover here. Got my room for only Php 500.00 per night, fan room kasi malamig po sa gabi. I recommend this place for a relaxing and comfy stay. :)

You can contact ate Janice of Savatan Homestay, she's the caretaker po of the homestay. --> 0930-4797634 or kuya Manny, the driver/tourguie also --> 0947-1522873. You can also check Savatan Homestay in Facebook. :)

You can also try:

Octagon Bed and Dine --  good palce to catch the sunset
Amboy Hometel and Restaurant


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

B-A-T-A-N-E-S, The Beautiful

           Sharing with you my 5day trip to the beautiful islands of Batanes. It was my first time to go solo on a travel and yesss! I did it! Booked a flight in PAL going to Basco. Actually, I don't have any plans of going to Batanes coz it’s too expensive, but when I unintentionally checked the fares going to Basco and see it to myself that it’s too affordable. I didn’t think twice. I booked it right away. It was supposed to be a birthday gift for myself (October 2016) and sadly for unexpected event, I need to rebook my flight (May 2017) coz Batanes was hit by a storm last Sept 2016. Get a tour package from Bisumi. 3day tour for North and South Batan and Sabtang Island. I wanted it to be a hassle free travel since it’s my first time to go solo. Madalas po kasi ako naliligaw.  
Let’s start with different beautiful spots in the area.
1. Valugan Boulder Beach
A few meters away from the town proper of Basco. Will took you 10-15 minute tricy ride. It’s not your typical kind of beach with fine white sand and crystal clear water. A beach with different sizes and natural boulders instead. It is called "Valugan" which means "east" in Ivatan laguage Swimming in the area is prohibited because of the waves. 

       You can try the stone art of balancing there coz that’s what I did. According to Kuya DeeJay (tourguide) you can make a wish after you can make it stand for a few or more minutes. Well, I am not so sure if it’s true. You've got nothin' much to do but to enjoy the beach plus the rolling hills and cliffs nearby 
2. Vayang Rolling Hills

       Another spot in Basco that you shouldn't miss. A perfect place to catch the sunset and after sun burst. An amazing picturesque meadow on the western part of Basco. Also a wide pasture land owned by local farmers.
3. Basco Lighthouse
         Standing beautifully in Naidi Hills. You can reach this lighthouse with about 1.2km walk from the Port of Basco or just a 5-10 tricy ride from Basco proper This was first lit in 2003 and you can climb through spiral stairs, no entrance fee and enjoy the 360 view and peace a place could give. A well maintained lighthouse that works among the three, one in Sabtang and the other is Tayid Lighthouse.
4. House of Dakay
     This is known to be the oldest house located in the town of San Jose de Ivana, Batan, Batanes. The walls of the house is made of very thick stones that makes the house stand all throughout the storms. This old stone house is known to be as heritage of Batanes. You can't find this elsewhere in the Philippines but only in Ivana, Batanes.
5. Savidug Stone Houses
         These are almost identical stone houses located in Sabtang, the smallest in the 3 major islands of Batanes. Itbayat and Batan are the others. Stones are solid and cogon roofs are intact. Stands firm and sure that it can withstand the storm and not be blown by strong wind easily. 
6. Marlboro Hills: Racuh a Payaman

     Of all breathtaking spots is Batanes,this one is my favorite. With the view of the sea splashing through the shore, plus the truly alive hills of green grass and the majestic view of Mt. Iraya.  The locals call it as - Racuh a Payaman and the tourist call it as - Marlboro Country. Can't say more! Just perfectly beautiful!

       I can see clearly the Tayid Lighthouse that stands in the opposite hill that competes for attention too.
8. Mt. Iraya - Batanes
     My Batanes travel wouldn't be more exciting without reaching the summit of the highest mountain in town. Because of it's 1000+ meters above sea level high, i could saw it everywhere. Just outside my hotel, in other beautiful spots in the area and even in Sabtang, the 30min boat transfer island from Batan. I got a friend with me during our hike. He arrived just few days before my flight going back to Manila. He's actually from Itbayat, Batanes. Only the three of us went to climb. Me, my friend and tatay guide. We agreed to finish the climb as soon as possible so we can still enjoy the Basco proper after the climb. We started the hike by 9am in the morning, reach the shoulders at 11:30am have lunch for 30mins and hits the summit at 12:45. We stayed for about 15 mins in the summit. it's cold and we are freezing coz it's raining all through out the climb. Not so blessed with clear Basco view. Started to descend by 1pm then reach the jump off at 4pm. Not too bad. Must always be ready for whatever the weather may give you. Very unpredictable weather in Batanes though.
8. Chamantad View Point
      A famous viewing spot located in Chavayan, Sabtang, Batanes. You can walked through the grassy slopes going to the view point and embrace the perfect panoramic view of Chamantad Cove.
9.  Alapad Rock Formation
        A spot that you should not miss during your Batanes travel. It is located in Uyugan, South Batan, Batanes. Where two rocks sliced and in the middle by the road.  
10. Honesty Coffee Shop
This store is too small for dishonest people.Owned by Jose and Elena Gabilo. This unique cafe is located in Ivana, Batanes. What makes this shop unique? No one look after the goods being sold. Every costumer can move freely in the store that's why everyone is expected to be honest. There's a logbook where you can list down the items you bought and you can drop your payment in the box.

Where to stay in Batanes?
Where to Eat in Batanes? My Actual Expenses - Batanes
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